The Coalition supports families after their adoption is finalized because children who have been traumatized by abuse or neglect, or by multiple moves among foster homes and institutional care in orphanages, often face struggles with trust, relationships, self-worth, communication, and safe management of behavior. The Coalition offers this support by these programs and services:

    • Home to Stay®, a program of home visits to families who have adopted children from foster care, with individual backpacks for the children created by employees as part of the Jockey Being Family® program, to make families aware of the resources available through the Coalition
    • Family fun events and educational opportunities where parents and children can interact with families like theirs
    • Supportive and trained social workers available to listen and provide a needed listening “ear”
    • Connections to other post-adoptive families to provide support and mentoring

Many of these programs are made possible through the generous support of Jockey Being Family®, the corporate citizenship program of Jockey International, Kenosha WI, with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families.


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